Cockpit protection

TenCate Advanced Armor can provide OEMs and end-users with a wide range of protection solutions for helicopter cockpits. The solutions offered by TenCate Advanced Armor are extremely lightweight and durable. Through the application of cutting-edge material science and extensive experience in aerospace survivability design, TenCate Advanced Armor can provide end-users with the highest level of protection while retaining the full system functionalities of the aircraft.


TenCate Advanced Armor cooperates with several leading material developers to ensure special capabilities of the armor solutions provided, including transparent and radar-transparent protection solutions.


Transparent armor

TenCate Advanced Armor provides and integrates transparent armor solutions for cockpits to increase the survivability of the crew and enhancing the overall operability of the aircraft. Transparent armor solutions are highly complex in nature but provide pilot and co-pilot with an essential opportunity to observe contours beneath them while simultaneously providing a high level of protection.

3D panels for special areas

TenCate Advanced Armor can develop and produce special one-piece armour panels for integration into exposed areas on the aircraft. The complex 3D design provides end-users with an excellent protection-to-weight ratio with very limited impact on overall aircraft performance while maintaining the highest level of protection possible.