Survivability engineering services

TenCate Advanced Armor USA. is a survivability systems engineering services provider with deep roots in DOD vehicle platforms.  Our mission is to provide professional, low risk engineering services and product design support to our customer base while building the reputation of delivering programs which meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations.  This is done through our program management approach combined with over 125 years of DOD engineering experience.  Combined, this allows us to foresee risks and identify derived requirements and keep DOD customer expectations, and the program on track. 

The following are Engineering services provided by TenCate Advanced Armor

Program Management

  • Program management and IPT lead
  • Successfully managed 12 month 1M+ systems integration effort meeting all deliverable milestones.
  • Developed WBS and IMS to support programs
  • Monthly reporting of program status and lite EVMS metrics
  • Developed and attended all reviews including SRR, PDR and CDR including interim reviews as necessary

Systems Engineering

  • Systems IPT
  • Systems engineering management planning
  • Requirements identification, decomposition & management
  • Architecture & design
  • Trade studies
  • Operations concept
  • Algorithm development
  • Interface control
  • Configuration management
  • Design reviews
  • System verification
  • Environmental verification

Systems simulation

  • Parametric modeling of complex sensor / crash response simulations
  • MATLAB system models
  • LS Dyna crash & blast modeling including seats and 5th-95th ATDs

Systems integration

  • 2500 sq ft electronics systems integration lab
  • 8000 sq ft prototype integration facility
  • Solidworks and Creo (Pro Engineer)

Systems Test

  • 6 m/s drop tower for impact detection sensor testing
  • 10 m/s+ drop tower available
  • High speed video Phantom v7
  • Engineering staff with ~40 years combined experience with vehicle crash & blast testing in commercial automotive, military vehicles, and aviation. Includes experience doing full scale helicopter crash with active system at Langley Gantry.

Systems Safety

  • Safety IPT
  • Hazard identification, analysis, tracking & mitigation
  • Risk assessment & reduction
  • Safety assessment
  • System safety interfaces
  • Software safety
  • Safety verification
  • Incident reporting

Electrical Engineering

Electrical System design capabilities with ~30 years’ experience

  • Vehicle-level electrical system design as well as Line Replaceable Units (LRUs)
  • Wiring, cable, and harness designs
  • Circuit board schematic capture design and printed circuit board design (gerbers)
  • Turn-key capability; design, manufacture, test & integrate all system hardware
  • MIL-STD design understanding and experience

Electrical System test and Integration capabilities with ~30 years’ experience

  • Circuit boards; analog, digital, high-speed, high-power, and mixed-technologies
  • EMI/EMC experience
  • LRU automatic and manual testing
  • System level; verification and validation of design
  • Field test; design validation as well as customer support

Software Engineering

  • Real-time embedded software design capability for mission critical timing requirements (~30 years’ experience)
  • Graphical user interface capability for manufacturing and test
  • Test data processing capability to support manufacturing as well as end customer(s)

18 Jul 2017

TenCate Advanced Armor Receives Endorsement from US ARMY

Press release: TenCate Advanced Armor Receives Endorsement from US ARMY Maneuver Center of Excellence for TenCate ABDS Sentinel X Active Blast Mitigation System to Combat IEDs