Add-on armor


TenCate Advanced Armor provides customized solutions for a wide range of vehicles. These protection solutions are well-proven products whose effectiveness has been demonstrated in combat zones around the world. Add-on armour is a lightweight protection system that adds least possible weight to the vehicle, at the same time as providing maximum protection.

Multiple protection capabilities

In addition to the ability to protect against projectiles fired from specific types of weapon, add-on armour can withstand many kinds of impact, including vibration and shock. This protective armour is resistant to UV light, ordinary chemicals and decontaminating agents. In addition, it features a high multi-hit capability that provides crews with an outstanding degree of protection if their vehicle is hit by multiple projectiles or fragments.

Add-on armor technology

Add-on armor technology is available with a wide range of options. These customized solutions make it easier to provide users with a protection system tailored to individual needs and specific types of vehicles. A wide range of technologies and materials can be applied to ensure end-users with the highest level of protection against ballistic threats. Add-on armor systems increase flexibility of any vehicle through matching ballistic threats beyond what the vehicle itself can withstand.