Spall liners

The TenCate Advanced Armor engineering team can design customized solutions tailored to comply with specific customer requirements that include threat levels, weight and cost. These protection solutions have been combat-proven in conflict zones all around the world. Spall liner protection only adds a minimum of weight to the vehicle and has hardly any effect on maneuverability, payload or radius of action. This equipment can be tailored to fit specific vehicle roles, making it easy and straightforward for vehicle manufacturers to install this protection solution.


Several significant advantages

Spall liners are made from rubberized aramid, high-performance polyethylene or fiberglass. The spall liner is mounted on the inside of the vehicle. It is designed to stop projectiles and small fragments and to reduce the damage inside the vehicle if hit by an overmatched threat.

Certified safety

Spall liners are tested and certified in accordance with the NATO STANAG 2920 standard. They are available with different kinds of surfaces for heat insulation or noise reduction, including cellular foam with both noise and vibration-dampening effects. Surfaces are available in a selection of different colors.