Developing customized solutions

TenCate Advanced Armor is a global provider of survivability systems to a wide range of leading OEMs in the defence industry. This is a product of TenCate Advanced Armor's acquired competence in material application for anti-ballistic applications and a holistic philosophy to protection. 

Our survivability systems are developed to provide protection from the second a threat makes physical contact to the protected vehicle. By devising material solutions that either defeat the kinetic energy or mitigate their effects, TenCate Advanced Armor's survivability systems can provide protection for personnel operating in hostile conditions. Survivability systems from TenCate Advanced Armour have consistently proved their worth in conflict zones, security operations and policing duties all around the world.

TenCate Advanced Armor develop and manufacture the survivability systems at its own ISO9001 facilities in either US, France or Denmark. The different facilities also hold individual certifications that enable TenCate Advanced Armor to supply survivability systems depending on national security clearances and industry certifications.

The technical department of TenCate Advanced Armor undertakes frequent laboratory tests throughout the development process in order to document the full viability of the survivability sytems. Test certificates are an integral part of the process, to provide customers with the requisite documentation that relevant standards have been complied with, before series production starts.

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