Police and civilian applications

TenCate Advanced Armor holds a wide experience in protection and survivability solutions for civilian and policing applications. The extensive material knowledge and engineering expertise derived from developing and integrating lightweight survivability solutions for military protection can also be employed for civilian applications.

With experience in providing protection solutions for patrol and riot vehicles, cash-in-transit vehicles, and VIP vehicles, TenCate Advanced Armor is tier one partner for protection of civilian and policing vehicles.

TenCate Advanced Armor can migrate and integrate several protection solutions develop for military or industrial applications into civilian vehicles. With special experience in anti-ballistics and automotive engineering, TenCate Advanced Armor can provide certified anti-ballistic protection with little or no impact on vehicle weight or maneuverability. In cooperation with OEMs and other suppliers of protective equipment, TenCate Advanced Armor can provide 360-degree survivability solutions for police and civialian applications.