Cash-in-Transit applications

TenCate Advanced Armor can provide lightweight armour solutions for cash-in-transit vehicles with a range of special capabilities with relevance to CiT vehicle manufacturers and end-users, incl. anti-ballistic protection, anti-cut systems, and internal firewalls. TenCate Advanced Armor can also work with partners to provide increased protection by, for example, integrating ballistic windshields or run-flat systems.


TenCate Advanced Armour has an experienced staff of engineers with years of experience in survivability integration into new and existing structures and can support integration with consultancy or provide full project management.

Discrete protection

The protection solutions provided by TenCate Advanced Armor are lightweight and employ different combinations of fibrous, ceramic, and metallic substances to provide the ideal protection for the specific application. The light weight, in comparison to conventional protection solutions used in CiT vehicles, means that operators have lighter vehicles with lower fuel consumption, lower cyclic maintenance costs, and optimized payload capacity while providing excellent protection for end-users.

TenCate Advanced Armor protection solutions for CiT vehicles are designed and produced to provide minimum impact on vehicle weight and appearance to retain the ability for end-users to be discrete in action. Solutions can be integrated into vehicle structures and provide only few or none changes to appearance.