VIP protection

TenCate Advanced Armor can provide a wide portfolio of VIP protection solutions for civilian vehicles with little to none implications on vehicle appearance or functionality. Thanks to TenCate Advanced Armor’s wide experience in fiber technology and application, VIP vehicle can be provided with protection against small caliber handguns, fragmentation, blast, and dropped objects.


The lightweight solutions provided by TenCate Advanced Armor means that very few to none mechanical changes, such as increased brake systems and suspension, need to be introduced with the protection package.

Protection with neutral appearance

Highly complex 3D composite solutions can be developed for vehicles to increase security for passengers. These are modeled and customized for the specific vehicle to ensure a low level of interference on passenger comfort and vehicle weight.

TenCate Advanced Armor provides lightweight and highly resistant armour solutions for VIP vehicle roofs. Roofs integrating lightweight composite and fabric armour solutions ensure a high level of protection for passengers while having little effect on the operability weight of the vehicle.

Cabin doors can be reinforced with a wide range of lightweight solutions using composite and fabric materials with low impacts on operability and weight of the door itself. Doors carrying armor systems of TenCate Advanced Armor will provide the highest level of security for passengers.

TenCate Advanced Armor can provide highly customized armor solutions against hand grenades, blast and ballistic threats against the belly of the vehicle. Armor applications for the belly of the vehicle are light in weight with near zero implications on visual appearance and operability of the vehicle.