Turn-key protection to European standards

    The need for ballistic protection for vehicles in law enforcement and civilian roles are increasing. More and more vehicles are protected with composite kits that protect the cabin or cargo area, and the protection requirement increases. Normal protection solutions are developed to perform in accordance with FB - DIN EN 1522/23 levels 4-7. These protection levels cover a wide array of recurrent threats.

    TenCate Advanced Armour have a decade-long experience in armour solutions for sedans, estates, and vans. We use our expertise in lightweight composite materials to develop and adapt lightweight armour kits with little to none effects on overall vehicle or component functionality. The ballistic performance is certified with independent test institutes.

    Due to our experienced engineering team, we can now provide turn-key solutions where TenCate Advanced Armour integrates the solution on the vehicle. We use non-invasive installations methods and can install tailored protection solutions on short notice. You bring the car and we provide the rest.

    • Turn-key solutions
    • Non-invasive integration methods
    • Individually adapted protection kits
    • Fast delivery

    Weight examples

    Composite protection solutions are significantly lighter than equivalent steel solutions. We have optimized a range of protection solutions directly relevant for civilian vehicle protection.

    In lower classes, such as FB4, the additional weight from the protection solution falls well within the tolerance limit for hinges and the addition of the protection solution is barely noticeable.

    For higher threat levels we need to add more material to counter the higher energy of the ballistic threat. The composite solution, even in higher protection classes, still provide a significant weight saving in comparison with steel.  


    TenCate solution
    Thickness AD


    6mm 5kg/m2
    FB4 + 7.62x39 MSC 22mm 18kg/m2
    FB5 20mm 33kg/m2


    20mm 33kg/m2
    FB7 26mm 51kg/m2

    Need more information?

    At TenCate Advanced Armour our goal is to achieve the highest level of protection for your vehicle. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact us. 

    Magnus Bødker Sales Manager Nordics

    Magnus Bødker
    Sales Manager Nordics
    Send me an email +45 42 14 91 30

    About TenCate Advanced Armour

    • 20+ years experience in survivability solutions
    • 20+ years experience in law enforcement and civilian vehicle protection requirements
    • 15+ years experience in complex international defence programmes
    • 4000+ different ballistic solutions developed
    • 25.000+ vehicles protected
    • Capabilities in simulation, survivability analysis, engineering, and integration
    • Lightest solutions in the market against higher level threats
    • Extensive portfolio of tested and approved ballistic solutions
    • High customer satisfaction with product quality, delivery reliability, and documentation
    • Experienced programme management and sales staff
    • High manufacturing capacity for complex international programmes

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