TenCate Targa-Light™ anti-ballistic shields

    TenCate Advanced Armor offer two versions of Flash shields protecting against 7.62x39 PS Ball (MSC) and 7.62x51 M80 (NIJ III) threats as well as a (VIP) Briefcase version that has a different way of deployment and comes with a shoulder strap, moulded handle, two storage pockets and Velcro patch for identification.

    These shields offer very quick protection against moderate threats like handgun ammo and small assault rifles and because of its limited size in folded state makes these shields particularly suitable for First Responders.

    For when there is greater danger or a situation is getting out of control, TenCate Advanced Armor offers a comprehensive portfolio of (super) lightweight shields and Trolley mounted shields for special forces and law enforcement which offer the perfect blend of protection and mobility.

    The design and carrying features of these shields increase the ability to manoeuvrer in confined spaces and offer protection from NIJ Level III+ for a lightweight ergonomic design up to NIJ Level IV for a trolley mounted shield.

    Viewing options for tactical shields

    Also take a look at our hard body armor plate collection

    Besides our wide range of ballistic shields TenCate Advanced Armor also provides two families of hard body armor plates developed to provide military units, special forces, and law enforcement with adequate protection in the line of duty. Due to TenCate Advanced Armor’s attention to reliability, weight, and comfort, it can count several of the world’s special forces and military forces amongst its key references.

    You can chose between our American plates and their European counterparts.

    American plates

    European plates


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    At TenCate Advanced Armour our goal is to achieve the highest level of protection for you and your team. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact us. 

    TenCate Advanced Armor USA Inc.

    TenCate Advanced Armor USA Inc.
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    About TenCate Advanced Armor

    • 20+ years experience in survivability solutions
    • 20+ years experience in law enforcement and civilian vehicle protection requirements
    • 15+ years experience in complex international defence programmes
    • 4000+ different ballistic solutions developed
    • 25.000+ vehicles protected
    • Capabilities in simulation, survivability analysis, engineering, and integration
    • Lightest solutions in the market against higher level threats
    • Extensive portfolio of tested and approved ballistic solutions
    • High customer satisfaction with product quality, delivery reliability, and documentation
    • Experienced programme management and sales staff
    • High manufacturing capacity for complex international programmes