Hard body armor plates 

TenCate Advanced Armor provides two families of hard body armor plates developed to provide military units, special forces, and law enforcement with adequate protection in the line of duty. Due to TenCate Advanced Armor’s attention to reliability, weight, and comfort, it can count several of the world’s special forces and military forces among its key references.

With the high customer satisfaction with TenCate Advanced Armor’s personal protection equipment, TenCate Advanced Armor is one of the world’s biggest providers of hard body armor plates. 

Material applications

As a product of TenCate’s heritage as a material company, TenCate Advanced Armor holds a wide experience in material application for anti-ballistic purposes. TenCate Advanced Armor uses this experience to combine fibers, ceramics, and metallic substances into the lightest body armor plates available today. Using the right combination of materials and processes TenCate Advanced Armor can even provide hard armor plates that fit the curvatures of the human body to provide an unrivalled comfort for end-users.

International standards

TenCate body armor plates feature a high multi-hit capability, ensuring the user an outstanding degree of safety if hit by multiple projectiles or fragments. The multi-hit protection complies with – or exceeds – NIJ level III and level IV standards, making this personal protection solution superior to any currently available. These levels of protection also provide the body armor plates with resistance to shock and impact, which means that the user does not need to worry about damaging the inserts during operations.

09 Nov 2017

TenCate Advanced Armour launches world’s first body armour plate system adaptable to different threat levels at Milipol

Press release: TenCate Advanced Armour is pleased to announce the launch of its new TenCate Multi-lightTM CXP461IC Basic Light plate and the additional Operator and Breacher plates.

19 Oct 2017

TenCate Advanced Armor updates the TenCate Cratus portfolio of body armor plates to meet future requirements

Press release: TenCate Advanced Armor introduces the TenCate CratusTM hard body armor portfolio in a new lineup, which holds a more diverse range of certifications, to match future military, law enforcement, and Federal Agency requirements.