Integrated protection solutions for private yachts

    The need for protection solutions for private yachts is increasing. Not only is the private yacht and refitting market increasing, but the need to provide safe areas onboard have also become a recurrent requirement on the largest private yachts. Areas that serve as a safe area in case of attacks or safe rooms designed to protect passengers during a boarding attempt are necessary to safeguard owners and their families against the potential threat of crime.

    The integration of the protected areas is especially demanding as the safe room or protected area need to be able to withstand a prolonged attack, while appearing in the same luxurious style as the remaining vessel. The internal and external finishing can be obtained through different designs, but the protective material must be calibrated and adapted to the application to offer the highest level of protection.

    TenCate Advanced Armour have developed a concept for protection solutions for private yachts that support shipyards in the full process of integrating safe rooms. With our experience in composite protection solutions, we can perform consultancy services to obtain the correct protection solution for the platform given the requirements and support with engineering, integration, and delivery of the protective solution to the shipyard’s requirements for delivery and mounting options. We can also manage the complete protection process and provide a turn-key solution for retrofits and new builds alike.

    Composite solutions are significantly lighter than equivalent steel armour solutions and can be integrated with special anti-cut solutions and fire-retardant capabilities.

      Protective performance

      Composite armour solutions are significantly lighter than equivalent steel solutions. The below table is a comparison based on commercially available steel solutions and our lightweight composite armour. Metallic solutions also create additional threats from spall in the event of being hit by an overmatch threat.   

      Due to the sensitive commercial value of the weight for our armour solutions, we cannot reveal the precise value here. For more concise information on our solutions, please contact your local TenCate representative.


      Steel armour Composite armour Weight saving
      AD (kg/m2) AD (kg/m2)

      FB - DIN EN 1522/23 level 4


      <6kg 75%
      NIJ III + 7.62x39 MSC  51kg <20kg 61%
      NATO STANAG 4569 level 1 71kg <30kg 58%

      NATO STANAG 4569 level 2

      94kg <40kg 57%

      NATO STANAG 4569 level 3

      (7.62×54mmR Dragunov/PKM)

      126kg <50kg 60%

      Technical support and integration management

      We have an experienced engineering department that can provide technical support on a wide array of subjects related to protection solutions. We take due care to optimise the protection solution to your vessel to ensure you get the right solution with the right finishing.

      Our support level can include technical support on survivability design and certification of the protective solution chosen, 3D scan of the designated area, development, templating, manufacture, delivery, and installation of the protection solution. In addition to this we work directly with the shipyard to define the supply chain requirements and integration needs. Direct on-site support can also be part of the scope. We have experience in supporting directly on shipyards with various tasks from military and civilian projects. For refitting projects, we have the necessary engineering capability and experience to provide protection solutions as a turn-key concept even including installation. 

      We consider ourselves a survivability partner for our customers. This means that we are willing to extend our services into non-protection related tasks so far as necessary to support you to obtain a protection solution that completes or exceeds your expectations.

      Finishing and surfaces

      On super yachts quality and craftsmanship must complement the beauty. We are intricately aware that composite protection solutions cannot complement the aesthetical features without being treated with the right surface or integrated into the hull or bulkhead.  

      We have two different technologies to adapt the composite kits and ensure a highly aesthetical appearance. Working with the shipyard or the interior designer, we can integrate the protection solution inside the bulkhead of the compartment. This solution enables the interior designer to add internal finishing to the safe room or compartment in the style dictated by the customer.

      Alternatively, TenCate Advanced Armour can prepare a panel kit with the desired surface. We can prepare this in wood, high gloss, marble or any kind of surface texture required. Based on a digitalized 3D scan of the compartment we can ensure that surfaces and corners are flush and snug down to a millimeter.

      Secondary properties

      Secondary properties are an essential part of the protection solution, especially in terms of fire-retardancy and thermal and acoustic insulation value. TenCate Advanced Armour have composite protection solutions that meets or exceeds the requirements of Large Yacht Code (LYC) of MCA, Passenger Yacht Code (PYC) of Red Ensign Group or SOLAS.

      The protection kit can be developed to provide minimize the transmission of noise and vibration into the protected area. The insulation is integrated into the armour kit to keep the panels light and thin while minimizing the space claim of the solution. The protection solution can also be applied for thermal insulation to keep a comfortable room temperature against heat or cold.

      Composite panels provide a substantial insulation against acoustic and thermal changes, but TenCate Advanced Armour has developed solutions that enhance the R-value of the material.

      Want to discuss protection solutions?

      At TenCate Advanced Armour our goal is to achieve the highest level of protection for your vehicle. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact us. 

      Magnus Bødker Sales Manager Nordics

      Magnus Bødker
      Sales Manager Nordics
      Send me an email +45 42 14 91 30

      TenCate Advanced Armour naval office

      TenCate Advanced Armour operate sites in the Netherlands, Denmark, and France. In order to create synergies and increase the service level we can provide to our customers in the naval sector, we have erected a European naval office in Denmark. By assembling our commercial and technical competencies in one central location, we can make sure we fulfil your requirements and needs before we provide you with an answer to your request. It is more cost effective, faster, and more reliable for us and for you. 

      Our European naval office has handled a wide array of military and civilian naval projects, including frigates, OPVs, private yachts, and fast patrol boats. The high level of experience in naval projects can be readily applied to support you obtain the right protection solution for your private yacht project.

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